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3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.

3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.

3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.
At the Beach with my 1-Year-Old

My husband and I love to travel on any given day. After travelling to different places in India and the US between Nov to Feb (4 months) including visits to our native place in Assam (including some solo trips ), it was time to take a rest.

And within a month I conceived. I guess travelling helped my mind and body to relax, as we’ve been trying hard for the last year for a baby, followed by a miscarriage.

My pregnancy went smoothly and we had a lovely baby boy. Life became a roller-coaster ride for us. But the travel bug was crawling inside me and pinching me occasionally. Travel bugs don’t come and go, they reside permanently inside you.

I desperately needed a break from the daily routine. Oops did I say daily routine? The daily routine doesn’t change whether you are home or on vacation when you have a baby.

Our son was approaching his 1st birthday, and 10 days after that we had to leave for our native place in Assam. Before going home, we took a short 3-days trip to Goa with our 1-year-old.

One week before our trip, I introduced my son to formula milk (he didn’t have outside milk before). So in public places, I don’t have to cover him or look for a secluded place to breastfeed him.

I even made a checklist of items like his daily essentials and food items to carry for this 3 day trip to Goa with a 1-year-old. This helped me with what to pack and when to feed him.


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What to pack for 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1-Year-Old? Below is the list of items to pack for a short trip:

1. Diapers and Changing Mat: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1-Year-Old.

I guess it is the first things that come to our mind while packing a baby`s bag are diapers and a changing mat. Take only the required number of diapers or carry a few and buy the rest at the destination as disposable diapers are easily available. And if you only use cloth diapers then I would suggest taking flats and diaper covers as they are easier to wash and dries really fast. Travelling with cloth diapers is not at all messy. All you need is a little planning and patience.


Padded Underpants
Potty Training Pants/ Padded underwear



Do remember to give some diaper-free time to your child, it can be early in the morning after the child wakes up and after reaching your hotel/resort. Training/Potty pants and nappies are best.


2. Diaper Bag:

Choose a backpack instead of a shoulder or sling bag as a backpack will keep your hands free. You can use your regular backpack instead of a separate bag for the baby. I recently came across this Foldable Mummy Bag with a Bassinet, that can be used as a diaper bag as well as a cot. This will be very helpful at the beach.


Travelling to goa with baby
Diaper bag cum bassinet





3. Extra sets of clothes:

Always carry 2-3 extra sets of clothes when you travel with babies


4. Sunscreen:

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you step out in Goa. The one from Mother Sprash is my personal favourite.


3 day in Goa with a 1 year old




Check here for Best Sunscreen for babies in India

Best Face Sunscreen for Babies and Kids in India
Best Face Sunscreen for Babies and Kids in India




5. Toys and Board Books:

Keep 2-3 small toys to keep them engaged for some time like during a train/flight journey or while waiting for your food at the restaurant or at the hotel. Small board books, and touch-and-feel books or Doodle art books have been very helpful to me.


3 day in goa with a 1 year old
Board Books



6. Snacks:

Carry a few snacks with you like Cookies, makhana, fruits, and cake that can be made at home. If that is not possible here are a few options:


7. Formula Milk:

Your regular formula milk (if required)


8. Feeding Bottles:

Take 2-3 bottles if your baby is on formula milk only or takes bottle feed 2-3 times a day. Wash and Sterilize them once you are back at the hotel.



3 day in goa with a 1 year old
Bottel Strelizer





9. Electric Kettle:

All hotels and Resorts usually have an Electric Kettle but do check with them before leaving as you may need them to make baby food or milk or even to sterilize baby`s utensils.

This foldable can be very helpful when making formula milk or puree. As it is foldable it can be easily carried in handbag also.

Goa with baby
Foldable Kettle


10.  Thermoflask:

For keeping water for making formula milk or food.

11. Medicines:

Do carry all the medicines along with the doctor’s prescription, because you just never know when you will need them.

12. Toiletries:

Carry your regular toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and shampoo, detergents in small bottles instead of those full-size bottles. Comb and face cream.


3 day in Goa with 1 year old
Toothbrush Holder




13. Baby Carrier/Stroller:

Do carry a kangaroo bag cum adjustable baby carrier. The baby is not only comfortable in that but will be very helpful when the baby is sleeping and you are out exploring places or riding a bike or car. A stroller will be helpful at airports or hotels. You cannot take a stroller to the beach, so check if you require them. We didn’t take them as it is difficult to move around in India as the tourist places are always crowded.

3 day trip to Goa
Baby Carrier



14. Wipes:

Wipes not only clean your baby`s bum but for cleaning their little hands or face also. You can make your own wipes. Just carry a few small cotton clothes or old leftover cotton fabric or bamboo sheets with the solution. Check this video on how to make Wipes Solution.

15. Shoes/Slippers:

Carry their shoes/slippers/crocs. Don’t take any new shoes or make them wear them a few times as they might not want to wear them or may get shoe bites.

16. Sanitizer/Hand soap sheets:

Sanitiser their and your hands regularly. You can also opt for Travel Handsoap sheets. They are very useful as they are very easy to carry and don’t leave any residue after use. All you need is some water. Check Reflekt and use my code GB15 to get 15 % off.



17. Cutlery and Bibs:

Take their small bowls and cutleries like spoons, forks, food feeders etc.


3 day trip to goa with baby
Food Masher


18. Swim Wear: 3 Day Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

If your baby loves the water or you want to take them to the pool don’t forget the swimwear and other accessories. Swimwear from Superbottoms should definitely be in your travel bag. These are mess-free and reusable.


3 days in Goa with a 1 year old.
Swimwear for babies



19. Teether and Other accessories: 3 Day Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

If your baby is teething or if you feel the need to take the pacifier or teether.

20. Hat:

A hat for your baby and for yourself.


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    Below is the list of items to carry when out for the whole day:

    • Baby Carrier/Stroller
    • Diaper Bag
    • Wipes
    • Sanitizer
    • Diapers
    • Extra set of clothes
    • 2-3 toys
    • Food/ Snacks
    • Formula milk powder
    • Water
    • Hot water in a flask
    • Sunscreen


    Meal schedule of 1-year-old Baby in Goa for 3 Days Trip. 


    Day 1:

    • Breakfast: Bread dipped in milk/warm water or cerelac or oats or powered cornflakes
    • Mid-morning: Milk/ finger food
    • Lunch: Little Moppets Foods
    • Afternoon: Breastmilk/ Formula milk
    • Dinner: Dal rice/ Khichdi


    Day 2:


    Day 3:

    • Breakfast: Same as Day 1 and 2 or another alternative
    • Mid-morning: Milk
    • Lunch: Little Moppet Foods
    • Afternoon: Breastmilk/ Formula milk
    • Evening: Cakes, biscuits, fruits
    • Dinner: khichdi or dal rice or roti

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    I tried to maintain his schedule, which includes his meal time and nap time.

    One day of our journey the flight was scheduled to depart at 4.30 in the evening from Mumbai airport. Our son got up at his usual time in the morning, had breakfast, played for some time, took a bath, and went to sleep. While he was sleeping we had our lunch, washed the utensils, got ready and everything was done. In the meantime, he also got up, dressed him, breastfeed-ed him and we were ready to leave for the airport.

    After checking in he had a banana. At this age, they need to eat something at a gap of 2-3 hours. We still had time for boarding. Before boarding the flight I prepared his formula milk which he had during takeoff. And he slept and got up just before we landed.


    3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.
    With his father at the beach


    Things to do in Goa with kids: 3-days trip to Goa with a 1-Year-Old.

    As Goa is famous for its beaches it is worth spending a whole day by the sea. Bring in some toys for the kids to play in the sand, while you relax with your favourite drink.

    While toddlers aged 1-2 won’t grasp or recall Goa’s tourist spots, if you’re seeking baby-friendly activities or places to explore, consider the following suggestions for a delightful experience in Goa with your little one. Check here for recommendations on places suitable for families with babies in Goa.


    1)Dolphin Show: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Go for a Dolphin tour at Baga Beach or at Candolim Beach as both  Kids and adults are gonna love this trip. At Candolim Beach, an hour-long tour on the boat to witness the stunning dolphins is one of the best activities to do in Goa.

    Dolphin show
    Dolphin show


    2) Spice plantation: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

      Explore spice plantations like the Sahakari Spice Farm, offering a family-friendly environment and a chance for your baby to experience different scents.




    3) Boat Rides: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

       Enjoy a serene boat ride on the backwaters of Goa. Many tours are suitable for families with infants and provide a peaceful setting.

    4) Mandovi River Cruise: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and scenic views of the sunset while cruising the river Mandovi. The cruise lasts for 1 hour and is accompanied by Music, Dance, Live DJ and cultural activities.


    5) Wildlife sanctuary: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary or the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, where the lush greenery and wildlife can captivate your baby’s attention


    6) Flea Market: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Anjuna Flea Market on Wednesday and Saturday Night Market in Arpora are two markets that one must visit if you are in Goa. From jewellery to local handicrafts, and clothes these places are shoppers’ paradise. Don’t forget to carry a baby carrier if you are taking babies or younger kids as walking around here can be tiring for them.

    7) Carnival: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Preparations for the carnival celebrations begin early on in December and are usually celebrated during the months of either February or March before the onset of Lent. People of all age groups can enjoy this festival. It includes revellers wearing masks and costumes, dancing troupes, electrifying music which is generally performed live, great food and drinking.

    Goa Carnival
    Goa Carnival



    8) Enjoy water park: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Head to a water park like Froggyland or Splashdown Waterpark, where there are dedicated areas for toddlers to enjoy water play.


    9) Explore Ancestral Goa: 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old

    Visit the Ancestral Goa museum, providing an informative and cultural experience in a family-friendly setting. Ancestral Goa, also known as the Ancestral Goa and Big Foot Museum, is a cultural and heritage center located in the village of Loutolim, South Goa, India.  One of the main attractions is a 14-foot laterite sculpture of Sant Mirabai, crafted by Maendra Alvares. This iconic statue is a significant artistic highlight of Ancestral Goa.

    Ancestral Goa is designed to recreate the ambiance of a traditional Goan village. Life-sized statues depict various aspects of rural Goan life, showcasing traditional occupations, festivals, and rituals.


    You can check with GetYourGuide and Irctc for various options according to your need.



    Where to stay in Goa? 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old


    From budget travellers to luxury ones, Goa has very good options to choose from. But with kids, I would prefer a place that offers safety, hygiene, spaciousness and close proximity to the beach.

    You can check all your options  according to your budget at 



    Hotel Combined 

    Luxury Escapes


    How to reach Goa? 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old


    Dabolim airport is well connected to all the metro cities. Margao and Vasco-da-Gama are the two main stations.

    Check your flights and trains here. 

     The bus is another option if you are travelling from Mumbai or Bangalore.


    That is how we spent 3 days in Goa with a 1-year-old baby and we had a nice time together, though most of the time my concern was, whether he is enjoying it or not, and whether is he hungry or sleepy.

    What I understood from this trip at this age is that we need to maintain his meal and nap time, so that they don’t become cranky and we all have a memorable vacation.



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