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Beyond Clouds: Triund Trek’s Sky-High Adventures

Beyond Clouds: Triund Trek's Sky-High Adventures

If you are looking for a trek to plan for the weekend from Chandigarh and Delhi then Tirund is one of the best treks you can go on. This is also one of the easiest treks to go on. Tirund trek offers breathtaking views of the snow-covered Dhauladhar range and Kangra valley, you can also capture this immense beauty in your camera and get some amazing pictures clicked of yourself. 

Tirund trek is best for someone who wants to have a hassle-free trekking experience in the Himalayas for the weekend. On this trek, you’ll find short and steep trails that will take you through the rhododendron and Oak tree forest. On your way, you’ll see various species of bird which makes this place an absolute paradise for bird watchers. 

It is a trek that can be done on a weekend but it is advised to plan the trek during weekdays if you want to have the best trekking experience with a lesser crowd. 

One of the best things about this trek is that you can have the best views of famous mountain peaks with very little climbing. There is no need for you to go deep down in the valley or to trek for 8-9 days to get the stunning views.

With very little climbing you can easily see the moon’s peak, rifle horn, Arthur’s seat, and the mighty snow-covered Dhauladhar range. These are the ranges that are visible from the beginning of this trek. The stunning views of these peaks are just a treat to one’s eyes.

While trekking you’ll pass through a beautiful forest that will leave you spellbound. On your way, you will come across pine, rhododendron, and coniferous trees. Trekking through this beautiful forest and the beauty of nature is just a sight to behold. Although you’ll only trek in the forest for a short time. You can get some amazing pictures clicked with these beautiful trees in the background.

One of the main highlights of the Triund trek is the beautiful view of the sunset. This is one of the reasons which makes trekkers stay overnight at the campsites. You can have the best view of the sun setting with golden lights hitting the mountain ranges. 

It is one of the best and most peaceful feeling in the world. You can spend a perfect evening sitting by the cliff and witnessing the most mesmerizing sunset of your lifetime.

Along with the Triund trek, you can also try other summit treks nearby. There are lots of opportunities for trekking enthusiasts. You can visit the Laka Cave and if you have prior trekking experience then you can also try the Indrahar Pass trek which is a long-duration trek in the Himalayas.

Triund Trek's Sky-High Adventures
Camping Up in the hills


Triund trek can be done all around the year except the peak winter and monsoon months. March to June which is the time of spring and summer seasons is the best time to plan the round trek. During this time the weather is pleasant and it is also the perfect time to escape from the extremely hot weather of April and May. 

If you want to have clear views of mountain peaks and the sky then you should plan your trek during the post-monsoon months. Winter season arrives at the start of December.

The Triund trek is not so hard that it would not be for beginners and those with a lower level of fitness. The peculiar, about 9-kilometer trail from McLeod Ganj towards a gradual ascent heaving through dense forests and green meadows, is a bit strange. Despite such a well-defined path being your guide, some steep routes might require passersby to control their breathing. 

Hikers must be careful over the more rocky sections on the trail closer to the summit. On the contrary, this difficulty of medium level also makes the experience pleasantable for both works for amateurs and professional trekkers, thanks to the view of the Range of Dhauladhar. 

Being fully organized means taking into account factors such as suitable footwear and keeping well hydrated, to your fullest enjoyment of the walk. Triund is still a favorite to numerous climbers who are attracted by its short between efforts and allure and is located in a spot with breathtaking scenery.

To get to Triund trekking you must first make a trip and reach McLeod Ganj town which is a part of a suburb of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh state. McLeod Ganj is located near the busiest cities of India; Delhi and Chandigarh are easily linked by good roads. The general train re-tracks from Pathankot and the local airport Gaggal is located at a distance of near about 12 km.

The route to Triund is marked from the main town of Mcleod Ganj which is located about 9 kilometers away from the base. Hikers can haggle with local taxi drivers or walk to Galu Temple which stands at an altitude of 2600 m from where the actual trek will commence.

The Triund trek is considered one of the easiest Himalayan treks with an altitude of 3,000 ft. You can prepare yourself by jogging and practicing some physical exercise for around 15-20 days. One should be physically and mentally fit to have a safe trekking experience.

Lastly, the Triund Trek portrays the dreams of nature that individuals experience closeness and thrill in adventure in such accessibility. The journey from McLeod Ganj toward the Dhauladhar Range is partly moderate and leads through a stunning forest and open green meadows, all of which contribute to the arrival at the place with the carpet of Himalayas laid in front.

Triund’s olive green meadow is an ideal spot for camping and at night, when you can experience tranquil sunsets and starry skies it becomes impossible to believe that all the world’s problems are not somewhere too far away. 

Its accessibility plus its great view unleashes this place as the best trail for both beginners and experienced hikers. Being one among those natural trails with untouched beauty and a note of adventure, the Triund trek feels like a permanent stamp which is a steady reminder for nature lovers to explore the fascinating nature.


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