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#63PercentMoreProtein Sip, Taste, and Evaluate: Complan review by a parent

I am a parent to two lively young children, who love outdoor activities, and are always high on energy. I’m always looking for ways to ensure they have the strength and vitality to enjoy these precious moments to the fullest. And thus, ensuring their health and energy levels is of utmost importance to me.

Keeping children active is crucial for their physical and mental well-being. Encouraging outdoor play, sports participation, and structured exercise sessions can all contribute to their overall fitness levels.

Balanced diet, proper rest, free time and focussing on their overall growth and development are some things I take care of when it comes to my children.

But let’s face it – getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables isn’t always easy. I strive to provide my kids with a balanced diet that nourishes their bodies and fuels their active lifestyles. Complan, with its delicious flavours and nutritional profile is designed to provide essential nutrients for growing years.

Complan has 34 vital nutrients including 100% milk protein and vitamins and minerals to support overall growth and development. It also contains 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It is scientifically formulated  to support 2x faster growth and support memory



The Impact of Diet and Physical Activity on Children’s Health

I always strive to provide my kids with a balanced diet that nourishes their bodies and fuels their active lifestyles. Of course, diet is just one piece of the puzzle. Regular physical activity is equally important for promoting overall health and well-being.

Whether it’s playing outside with friends, participating in sports, or simply going for a bike ride, staying active helps kids build strength, improve coordination, and boost their mood. And when combined with a nutritious diet that fulfils their vital nutrient needs, it sets them up for success both now and in the future.

According to an article I read, there is growing recognition of the role of diet and physical activity in modulating bone mineral density, bone mineral content, and remodelling, which in turn can impact bone health later in life. See reference here: Impact of diet and physical activity on bone health of children

Understanding the Role of Protein in Growing Children:

Protein plays a crucial role in the growth and development of children, serving as a fundamental building block for their bodies. As children grow, their bodies undergo rapid development, necessitating an adequate intake of protein to support the formation of tissues, muscles, organs, and other essential structures.

During childhood, especially during phases of rapid growth such as infancy, toddlerhood, and adolescence, the body requires adequate amount of  protein to support growth spurts and ensure proper development. Protein is essential for the synthesis of new cells, repair of damaged tissues, and the production of enzymes and hormones vital for various bodily functions. But it’s not just about quantity, quality matters too.

Since proteins are made of amino acids, these are indispensable to our health, contributing to muscle growth, immune strength, hormone and enzyme production, among other vital functions. Particularly crucial for children in their developmental stages, a balanced intake of amino acids is paramount for fostering optimal growth and well-rounded development. (source)

But here’s the thing – we need to include protein food in every meal to ensure children get enough protein from their diets That’s where Complan can support. Complan contains 34 vital nutrients including 100% milk protein, vitamins and minerals to support  the nutritional needs of growing children.

Complan has 100% milk protein with 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. And because it comes in chocolate flavour, getting them to drink it is never a struggle.


Incorporating Complan into My Child’s Routine:

In our household, Complan has become a staple part of our daily routine. Whether it’s enjoying a glass with breakfast, as a midday snack, or after a long day of play, with its convenient powder form, it’s easy to mix into their favourite smoothies, shakes, or even baked goods for  protein and flavour.

As a parent, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your children happy, healthy, and full of energy. With Complan by our side, I can rest assured knowing that my children are meeting their nutrition requirements for their adventures to reach their potential. So why not give it a try? Your kids will thank you for it!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.

15 thoughts on “#63PercentMoreProtein Sip, Taste, and Evaluate: Complan review by a parent

  1. Products like Complan help fill in the nutritional gaps.

  2. As a parent, ensuring my energetic kids stay healthy and active is a top priority

  3. Keeping children active is essential for their physical and mental well-being.

  4. I focus on providing a balanced diet, proper rest, and free time for my children’s growth.

  5. Ensuring my kids eat their fruits and vegetables can be a challenging task.

  6. I aim to nourish my children’s bodies and fuel their active lifestyles with a balanced diet.

  7. Complan, with its delicious flavors, helps make nutrition enjoyable for kids.

  8. Maintaining their health and energy levels is crucial for them to enjoy every moment.

  9. Complan also aids in supporting memory and cognitive development.

  10. Using Complan helps ensure my kids receive essential nutrients for overall development.

  11. Complan offers a comprehensive nutritional profile designed for growing children.

  12. Complan’s got a bunch of good stuff in it like vitamins A, E, C, iron, iodine, and vitamin B12, all helping to keep kids healthy.

  13. Complan’s not just about staying healthy; it’s also about helping kids concentrate better in school and stay sharp.

  14. The #63PerecentMoreProtein in Complan can surely bridge the gap in nutrient specially in us vegetarians.

  15. I agree that physical activity is equally important for growth and development. Hence, I ask my daughters to play outdoors and drink milk regularly. 😀

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