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5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

5 Best Books to Read During Pregnancy

When I found out about my pregnancy the first time, thousands of questions were popping into my mind at that moment. With no elders at home, I was looking for information on the internet all the time. It can be confusing most of the time, and nothing gives you the comfort of reading pregnancy books at your own comfort and sweet time. I immediately ordered a few books on pregnancy, which was the best thing I did at that time. People around you will generally guide you about what to eat and what not to eat, but no one can tell you what is going inside your body every single week. Here I have listed 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy that every parent should read at least one of them.


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1.Garbha Sanskar by Balaji Tambe: 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

I referred to this amazing book during my pregnancy days. This book written by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe who is considered a pioneer in Ayurveda has gone far beyond mere herbs, medicines, and remedies. This book comprehensively provides everything a person wants to know about conceiving, pregnancy, delivery, and nurturing the little one. It also advises on the traditional herb mixes, yoga, music, mantra, diet-plan for new mothers, or to the mothers-to-be. Get a copy here: 


Pregnancy Books
Garbha Sanskar


2. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

What to Expect When You are Expecting has over 18.5 million copies in print and read by 93% of women who read a pregnancy book. It was even named one of the Most Influential Books of the Last 25 Years by USA Today. This book has all the must-have information, insights, tips, and advice for a new generation of parents. It has detailed information right from conception and till after birth. Advice for Dad is fully integrated throughout the book. All medical coverage is completely updated, including the latest on prenatal screening and the safety of medications during pregnancy, as well as a brand-new section on postpartum birth control. It covers a detailed insight into what is happening inside the body of pregnant women every week. It has also touched upon topics of labour and delivery, multiple childbirth, complicated pregnancy. Buy a copy of this book here:



5 best books to read during pregnancy
What to expect when are you expecting


3. Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy:5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy by Gita Arjun is another among the 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy for the modern Indian couple. Focused on Indian couples this must-have book demystifies pregnancy with easy-to-understand language and lavish illustrations. It will empower a pregnant woman and her partner to proceed through the pregnancy with confidence. Get a copy here:



5 best books to read during pregnanct
Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy


4. Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After: 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

This book authored by Rujuta Diwekar, a well-known India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert, has got you covered with tips even before one gets pregnant, till after you deliver your baby. Each stage includes notes on food, exercise, and recovery, and heritage recipes from across the country. Another must-have pregnancy book for parents to be. Get a copy here:



Pregnancy books
Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After



5. The Pregnancy Handbook For Indian Moms: A Doctor’s Answers To All Your Questions: 5 Best Books To Read During Pregnancy

Authored by Dr. Vinita Salvi is a gynaecologist in Mumbai. The whole book is in a question-answer format. This book will help women understand the changes that are undergoing in their bodies and the precautions and tests they need at proper times. The book starts with a detailed account of how you should prepare your body for pregnancy. What happens during each trimester and how you should deal with the changes. Get a copy here:



5 best books on pregnancy
The Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms


Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride and having a guidebook can make things easy. Do maintain journal to keep a track of your progress regularly. The activities mentioned inside will excite you and make your pregnancy very memorable.




Pregnancy Journal
Pregnancy Journal



Do drop in your comments for any suggestions of books.

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