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3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.

3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.
3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.
At a Beach with my 1-Year-Old

My husband and I love to travel on any given day. After traveling to different places in India and the US between Nov to Feb(4 months) including visits to our native places in Assam (including some solo trips ), it was time to take a rest.

And within a month I conceived. I guess traveling helped my mind and body to relax, as we’re trying hard for the last year for a baby, followed by a miscarriage.

My pregnancy went smoothly and we had a lovely baby boy. Life became a roller-coaster ride for us. But the travel bug was crawling inside me and pinching me from time to time. Travel bug doesn’t come and go, it resides permanently inside you.

I desperately needed a break from the daily routine. Oops did I say daily routine? The daily routine doesn’t change whether you are home or on a vacation when you have a baby.

Our son was approaching his 1 st birthday, and 10 days after that we had to leave for our native place in Assam. Before going home, we took a short 3 Days Trip to Goa with our 1-Year-Old.

One week before our trip, I introduced my son to formula milk (he didn’t have outside milk before). So in public places, I don’t have to cover him or look for a secluded place to breastfeed him.

I even made a checklist of items like his daily essentials and food items to carry for this 3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1-Year-Old. This helped me with what to pack and when to feed him what.


Day 1:

  • Breakfast: Bread dipped in milk/warm water or cerelac or oats or powered cornflakes
  • Mid-morning: Milk
  • Lunch: Little Moppets FoodsÂ
  • Afternoon: Breastmilk/ Formula milk
  • Dinner: Dal rice/ Khichdi


Day 2:

  • Breakfast: Same as day 1 or fruits
  • Mid-morning: Milk
  • Lunch: Little Moppets FoodsÂ
  • Afternoon: Breastmilk/ Formula milk
  • Evening: Banana or any other fruits


Day 3:

  • Breakfast: Same as day 1and 2 or another alternative
  • Mid-morning: Milk
  • Lunch: Little Moppet FoodsÂ
  • Afternoon: Beastmilk/ Formula milk
  • Evening: Cakes, biscuits, fruits
  • Dinner: khichdi or dal rice or roti

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What to pack for goa with a baby? Below is the list of items to pack for a short trip:Â

  • Diapers,
  • Extra set of clothes,
  • Toys and books
  • Formula milk powder
  • 2-3 feeding bottles
  • Electric kettle
  • Cloth bag

Below is the list of items to carry when out for the whole day:

  • Diapers,
  • Extra set of clothes,
  • 2-3 toys,
  • Food,
  • Fruits,
  • Formula milk powder,
  • Water,
  • Hot water in a flask

I tried to maintain his schedule, which includes his meal time and nap time.

One the day our journey our flight was scheduled to depart at 4.30 in the evening from Mumbai airport. Our son got up at his usual time in the morning, had breakfast, played for some time, took a bath, and went to sleep. While he was sleeping we had our lunch, washed the utensils, got ready and everything was done. In the meantime, he also got up, dressed him, breastfeed-ed him and we were ready to leave for the airport.

After checking in he had a banana. At this age, they need to eat something at a gap of 2-3 hours. We still had time for boarding. Before boarding the flight I prepared his formula milk which he had during takeoff. And he slept and got up just before we landed.

We had a nice time together, though most of the time my concern was, whether he is enjoying or not, is he hungry or sleepy?

What I understood from this trip at this age is that we need to maintain his meal and nap time, so that they don’t become cranky and we all have a memorable vacation.

3 Days Trip to Goa with a 1 Year Old.
With his father at the beach

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5 Best Cloth Diapers: Review of Cloth Diapers

5 Best Baby Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers, also commonly known as modern Cloth Diapers, are reusable diapers that can be used again after washed, cleaned, and dried. Unlike disposable diapers which are thrown away, cloth diapers can be used again and again. Modern cloth diapers come with a waterproof outer layer and the inserts are a combination of different materials like, microfiber, hemp, organic cotton, bamboo charcoal to give maximum absorbency. Once soiled they are washed and can be used again.

Before disposable diapers came into the market people were using only the traditional cloth diapers or nappies only. The traditional diapers which our mother had used lacked absorbency, ineffective and would be required to change after 2-3 pees. But with time cloth diapers have evolved and modern cloth diapers are more absorbent, leak-proof, comes in attractive prints, eco-friendly, safer option for the babies and light in your pocket too in the long run.

Baby Cloth Diapers
Cloth Diapers

Disposable Diapers Vs Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers are convenient to use as they are thrown away after use. As they don’t require any washing they are convenient to use and makes life easier. But they are not at all save for the environment and nor for the baby. As disposable diapers have chemicals to increase absorbency they are harmful to the environment and can cause rashes in babies. On the other hand, cloth diapers have the following benefits:

  • doesn’t contain harmful chemicals thus making it safe for the baby and the environment
  • makes toilet training easy
  • economical in the long run
  • never have to worry about buying diapers monthly or when you run out of stock
  • one free size diapers suit infants as well toddlers thus saving money


What are the different cloth diapers?


Flats are the oldest and have been in use for ages. They can be folded as per convince and secured onto the baby with a diaper cover, cotton nappy, pin it with a snappy or can be used as inserts with pocket diapers.


Flats for Diapers
Flats for Diapers



Nappy or Langots:Â

It is a single piece of cloth that is tied to the baby. They don’t have any absorbency capacity and need to be changed each time a baby pees. They can be used as diaper-free time or can be used with flats.




Prefolds are rectangular diapers with multiple layers of lightweight, woven fabric with extra layers in the centre panel for absorbency. They are easy to use with diaper cover or pockets.


Prefolds for Diapers



They are easy to use and they dry up quickly. They have a waterproof material outside and soft microfleece stay dry material inside. Any type of inserts can be put inside and together they form a pocket. They are especially suitable when the baby starts moving.

Pocket Diapers
Pocket Diapers

Diaper Covers:

As the name suggests diaper covers are waterproof covers and can be used with flats, inserts or prefolds. They can be used again with any inserts without washing. They are very helpful during travelling with your baby.

Diaper Covers
Diaper Covers



In Aios the inserts are sewed to the stay-dry lining and the waterproof outer layer. Some also have pockets where you can put inserts to increase the absorbency. After use, the whole diaper goes for washing.


Aios Diapers
 Aios Diapers


Fitted Diapers:

They come with or without snaps and are highly absorbent and also comes with inserts to boost absorbency. They have elastic at the legs and with or without snaps for closure. They need a diaper cover to become waterproof from the outside.


Fitted Diapers
 Fitted Diapers




It is very hard to point out what type and which brand of diapers would be best for your baby. One will need to try out different types of diapers according to the baby`s built and pee pattern, before building a stash. Here are lists of the 5 best baby cloth diapers  (not in particular order) that I have used personally and would highly recommend to parents who are looking to buy for their little ones.

5 Best Cloth Diapers:

1)Superbottom Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Cloth Diapers



Superbottoms Cloth Diapers
Superbottoms Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Baby Cloth Diapers



Diapers from Superbottoms are popularly known UNO is one of the best baby cloth diaper brands from India. From newborn to toddlers they cater to all specific age groups. The Superbottoms Newborn UNOÂ is suitable for newborn babies to 3 months. They are made of all cloth and no harmful chemicals have been used. It has a super dry feel layer to keep the baby`s bum dry and a waterproof outer layer.

It consists of:

  • Â A dry fill pad with a super dry feel layer on top.
  • Â Waterproof outer

The Superbottoms Free Size Uno are suitable for babies from 10 months to 3 years. They come with an adjustable snap and one just need to change the pattern set according to the age. One can use one insert during the day and for night time the booster pad can be added for more absorbency. They are perfect for travelling and heavy wetters. One can use fleece liner on top of the insert (touching baby`s skin) to make poo cleaning easy.

It consists of:

  • 2 pads; 1 booster pad and 1 dry feel pad
  • Â Waterproof outer shell


                              To buy Supperbottoms Diapers click here

2)Apple Blossom Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Cloth Diapers



Best baby cloth diapers
Apple Blossom Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Baby Cloth Diapers



For my second child, I have exclusively used Appleblossom Cloth Diapers for the first 4 months. One of the best baby cloth diapers that I have used perfectly sized to fit your little one from 3-7 Kgs. The Apple Blossoms Cloth Diapers are made with Soft Microfleece- Stay-Dry Inner, 8 Layers of Bamboo Cotton Inserts and a waterproof outer cover. The inserts are made with supersoft, natural and GOTS certified Bamboo Cotton Fabric.

The Apple Blossoms Newborn Cloth Diapers consists of:

  • One waterproof outer
  • Two inserts


Apple Blossoms OneSize All-In-One Style Diapers fit babies from 5-17+ Kgs.

It consists of:

  • One waterproof outer
  • Two inserts

Apple Blossoms OneSize Pocket Style fit babies from 5-17 Kgs. They are made with Soft Microfleece- Stay-Dry Inner, 12 Layers of Organic Cotton Inserts.

It consists of:

  • One waterproof outer
  • Â 2 Natural Organic-cotton Inserts

                         To buy Apple Blossoms Cloth Diapers Click here

3)Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Cloth Diapers


Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper
        Charlie Banana Cloth Diaper


Charlie Banana is an international cloth diaper brand India available in India. I just fell in love with the prints the moment I saw their diapers. They come with 2 inserts. One small size insert for the day will last for 4 hours and 2 large inserts with last for the night and heavy wetters also. once the baby is a little older or when the pee count has reduced then one can go for only 1 large insert at night. The newborn cloth diapers are suitable for newborn babies up to 6 months.

Charlie Banana Newborn Cloth Diaper consists of:

  • Â One waterproof outer
  • Â One insert


Free Size Cloth Diaper Suitable for babies from 6 months up to 2.5 years.

Free Size Cloth Diaper Consists of:

  • 1 Free Size Outer Cloth Diaper &
  • 2 Inserts

4)Bumpadum Baby Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Cloth Diapers


Bumpadum Cloth Diaper
Bumpadum Cloth Diaper



Bumpadum is another Indian brand with some great cloth diaper for kids and the best part is that the diapers are not bulky. They have Cloth nappies, Neo organic newborn diapers, and Organic free size diapers in their diaper categories.

Neo Organic Newborn Diapers Fits newborn babies from 2 – 8 kgs approximately. The trifold insert made of organic cotton with a total of 10 layers of absorbency – 3 layers of organic cotton in 3 panels with an additional layer of hemp in the centre panel. One panel is topped with microfleece to keep the baby’s bottom dry.

Neo Organic Newborn Diapers consists of:

  • Â One waterproof outer
  • Â One tri-fold insert


Organic Free Size Diapers for babies from 3 months to 3 years. Duet Diaper is suitable for both infants and toddlers that lasts up to 12 hours at night.

Organic Free Size Diapers consists of:

  • Â One waterproof outer
  • One prefold style insert



5)Bouncing Peaches Cloth Diapers: 5 Best Baby Cloth Diapers


Bouncing Peaches Cloth Diapers
    Bouncing Peaches Cloth Diapers



Bouncing Peaches Diapers doesn’t leave Elastic marks around those tiny legs. They are lightweight and trim. The AI2 model that comes with Front Pockets makes poo cleaning easy.

One can buy without any inserts or can choose between organic cotton insert or hemp or could buy both the inserts. Their one-size organic inserts are trim and long. I often use them along with cotton nappies during day time. The hemp inserts are perfect for nighttime, heavy wetters and during travelling.


Pocket diapers with a front opening and one default insert come with 6 layers of flannel fleece in a rounded rectangle shape with fleece side facing inside for longevity.

                           To Buy Bouncing Peaches Cloth Diapers Click Here

Other Accessories required with Cloth Diapers are:


Fleece Liners:

Fleece liners are stay dry liners that are placed over the inserts touching the baby`s bum to give them a dry feel and they also make poo cleaning easy. One can also buy Disposable Stay Dry Liner. The Biodegradable Bamboo Liners come in super handy while travelling or when u don’t or can’t use fleece liners. It makes mess cleaning easy while travel, all you need to do is empty the liner in the flush and discard the liner in the trash.

Wet Bags:

Wet Bags are waterproof bags that are used to store used diapers both at home and while travelling before giving them for a wash. They come with two pockets – a larger and one smaller dry pocket. 8-10 diapers fit in the larger pocket, while the smaller pocket can be used to store a change of clothes for the baby, wipes, wipes solution etc.

Cloth Wipes:

Like disposable diapers, disposable wipes are also not good for the environment as well as for the baby`s skin. I have made my cloth wipes using old soft cotton cloth cut into small sizes. You can also buy them online.

Check my video on how I make my solution.

How to wash baby cloth diapers:

Generally, the following steps are followed while washing cloth diapers but do check what is mentioned in the wash care routine of the respective brands.

Steps in washing cloth diapers:

  • knock off any solids in the toilet
  • rinse of the pee using a little detergent
  • rub it well and rinse well
  • then put it in other regular clothes to wash and dry out in the sun.


Hope you liked the list of the 5 Best Cloth Diapers. Living with cloth diapers is not at all difficult. All you need is little patience and determination. Your child and mother earth will thank you for not using harmful chemical on them. To know how we travelled with cloth diapers click the link here Traveling with Cloth Diapers: My Experience

For any questions or suggestion do contact me or drop a comment below.






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Traveling with Cloth Diapers: My Experience

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

I have used only cloth diapers for my daughter since she turned 4 months. And while traveling also I wanted to use cloth diapers only. As we were home only last year, it was easy to manage. But I was not very sure how will I manage with cloth diapers during traveling. And at the same time, my inner voice was not ready to use any disposable diapers. But I am so glad that with proper planning and determination we managed our trips with cloth diapers. Though ours was short duration trips, it was a great experience as this will help me in planning future trips.

Here are few pointers which I want to share my experience of traveling with cloth diapers with parents who want to use cloth diapers only during traveling:

1) Our flight from Mumbai to Guwahati was in the morning, so the previous day I used only cotton nappies and washed, and let them dry after each use so that I can take them with me. (if you are not planning to take them with you one can also wash them and let them dry at some proper place)

2) I removed the nighttime diaper and packed it in the luggage bag. (washed it at my home)

3) While traveling from Mumbai to Guwahati (6 hours), I made my daughter wear a pocket diaper with 2 inserts, assuming I would not be required to change (unless she has pooped)

Traveling with Cloth Diapers on the flight
Traveling with Cloth Diapers on the flight


4) Carried 2 sets of diapers in the diaper bag. One that would last for 4-5 hours- (if she poops after reaching the Mumbai airport or just before boarding the plane) and the other one with pee holding capacity for 1-2 hours(if she soiled the diaper after we land at our destination.

5) Wet bags to keep soiled diapers, and cloth wipes (I make my own wipes)

Wet Bags to keep soiled Cloth Diapers
Wet Bags to keep soiled Cloth Diapers


6) During our road trips, we stayed at the resorts/hotels for 1 or 2 nights, so bought back the diapers and washed them at home. And according to my, Flats would work best for the day and night time when traveling, as they dry up faster than other inserts.

Traveling with Cloth Diapers
Traveling with Cloth Diapers

7) Allowed diaper-free time early in the morning (the time after waking up and before leaving for the day) and in the evenings (after coming back to the hotel)

8) Changed the diaper after 3 to 5 hours depending on the type of inserts used and mode of transport used.

9) Training pants or cotton nappies work great as diaper-free time and they came to my rescue during these traveling times.

10) Cleaned the diaper area with my homemade solution and apply coconut before putting in a new diaper.

It has been a smooth ride till now with cloth diapers. The only mistake I did was not giving her some diaper-free time while traveling from Jorhat to Guwahati (6 hours by road). Since we left in the morning and we’re in a little hurry we changed her diaper just before leaving and as a result she did got some rashes. And this was a great learning point for me.

It is very important to allow some diaper-free time even for 5-10 mins during traveling. If you are worried about cleaning the poop, then there are biodegradable disposal liners which makes poo cleaning very easy. (Luckily our daughter didn’t poop on the flight or in the car during these trips).

Till then happy traveling……

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Listen to this blog here:

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Road trips with a baby and toddler in India

Road Trip with a Baby and Toddler

Traveling always excites me and now I can see the same excitement in my 5-year-old son. The year 2020 kept all of us confined to our home, and we missed traveling so much. as things got a little better, we decided to go to our home state (Assam.) I was perplexed and worried about taking a trip at this time, especially with our daughter. After thinking a lot and discussing with a few people who have traveled, we decided to travel. I am glad we took that decision. And I didn’t expect that’s we will be taking road trips with a baby and toddler

Due to COVID-19 traveling took a backseat and it badly affected those who are related to it traveling/travel in some or the other way. The best we can do is to visit one’s local area/tourist places and give a boost to the economy.

At our stay in Assam, we visited many places with our kids by road. we covered approximately 1500 km in 25 days. My elder one who is 5 years old, is an experienced traveler now. We didn’t have any issues with him. He slept most of the time or enjoyed looking outside when he is awake.

It was our 1-year-old daughter with whom we had little trouble. Because we could not go anywhere due to COVID, as a result, it was a new experience for her.

While coming from Mumbai to Guwahati she went off to sleep even before we boarded the flight and got up just a few minutes before landing. It was during our road trip to Jorhat where we got the real taste of traveling. (Jorhat is about 6-7 hours from Guwahati). She was fine and slept for 2 hours and later it was difficult for her to sleep and it was becoming very difficult for us. I tried all possible ways to keep her entertained or make her sleep, but she was just not comfortable. Here are few tips for taking Road trips with a baby and toddler in India, that I want to share

Roads trips with a baby in India
Roads trips with a baby in India

Tips for taking road trips with a baby:

1. Expect the Unexpected:

Travel with an open mind when traveling with kids. Don’t compare your child with other kids. We never had any issue with our son and were expecting the same from her.

2. Travel shorter distance before taking long trips:

It’s better to get habitat to traveling shorter distances (2-3 hours) before taking long-distance trips. If you are covering a longer distance by road, then take few short breaks, where the child can move around for some time.

3. Leave early:

If you want to reach your destination the same day leave early or stay somewhere for the night (especially if you are traveling in winters). We left Guwahati pretty late so, didn’t took any breaks in between as we wanted to reach our destination before it becomes difficult to drive due to fog.

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Snacking during road trips
Snacking during road trips

Things to pack, when taking a road trip with a baby:

1. Enough snacks, fruits, water, milk, bibs, reusable cutlery, and bowls/plates:

Make sure you are carrying enough food items. Fruits like bananas are best to carry during traveling as they are easy to eat and they are filling also. Fruits puree from Happa foods and melts from Timios can be very useful for infants. Carry reusable cutlery as I prefer to use reusable cutlery instead of disposable ones.

2. Diapering essentials for infants in a diaper bag:

Diapers, diaper changing mats, and wipes are a must and it’s always better to carry extra than you think you would require. Wet bags to keep soiled diapers if you use only cloth diapers.

3. An extra set of clothes for kids:

An extra set of clothes in case you need to change one.

4. Maternity wear or Stole/Dupatta:

Feeding dresses are best if you are breastfeeding, or any stole or dupatta will also work.

5. Car seat or booster seat:

Car seats are very helpful. They not only keep the child safe but will also keep the parent tension-free.

6. Trash bag, old newspapers, and napkins:

Trash bag and newspaper to wrap your fruit peels or that empty chips packet.

7. First aid kit:

The first aid kit with all the necessary medicines. (Keep them out of reach for the kids)

Tips for taking road trips with a 5-Year-Old:

Road trip with a % year Old
Road trip with a 5-year-Old

By this age, parents are well-accustomed to how their child will behave during traveling and what are their needs. Accordingly one can plan what to carry and other things to keep in mind while taking a road trip with a 5-year-old/older kid. Still would love to share few points which might be helpful if you are traveling long distance for the first time.

  1. Show them the outside world, as different trees, birds, etc. Explain to them the events happening outside.
  2. Keep some toys(according to age and one new) picture books, activity kits, and drawing/colouring books. Colouring books can keep toddlers engaged for a long time(works great during flight journey) recently I found these puzzles to be a great travel companion
  3. Their favourite snacks, water, juice, and cutlery set.
  4. A list of their favourite music
  5. Car seat or booster seat
  6. First aid kit with the necessary medicines

We retook few road trips, and she was much better every time. And when traveling back from Jorhat to Guwahati, we took a break in between and didn’t face any issues like the first trip. Looking forward to taking a road trip with my baby again. Would love to hear about your experience too in the comment section.

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MommyWize: The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey.

The ultimate website for all your parenting journey

Taking your first step towards a new dimension can be very exciting and one needs the right guidance and platform in each step for that. Be it becoming parents for the first time, starting a new career after taking a break, returning to work after a maternity break, or starting your venture, every milestone will always be memorable.

I still remember the day I came to know about my pregnancy. As I didn’t have any elders around me, I would look for any kind of information on the internet. As any parents to be or new parents special in a nuclear family it can be a roller coaster ride.

We either rely on our relatives, neighbors, friends, house help, books, social media platforms, or communities. In such cases, parenting communities as Mommywize: The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey can be beneficial as they cater to every need of women.

You can also read:

About MommyWize: (The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey)

Whether it’s an expecting mom, a first-time mom, mom to a toddler, or a mompreneur, MommyWize is the ultimate platform for all in their motherhood and parenting journey. Their website caters to all motherhood milestones.

Founded by Sonia Julka Chawla, she started the MommyWize Facebook community after experiencing motherhood herself and was looking for a platform to get valuable tips and information and when she could not find any such community, she got an idea of starting one herself.

The website has articles by industry experts like doctors, psychologists, and mothers themselves which is to provide useful information and to make this journey of motherhood easy and enjoyable. The website has all the relevant insights and resources for any women, covering Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Momsphere, Travel, Events happening in your city, Entrepreneurship guidance for women, and Home & Living. As a mom to an infant and a kid I always look out for posts on new activities and topics related to food and nutrition.

Earning with Mommywize: (The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey)

This website also gives mothers a platform to write and share their experiences, stories, recipes, and earn with their writing talent. The shopping category can be very helpful for mothers before buying any product for the kids as it provides reviews of various items.

Promoting your business

It is also a great platform for Mompreneurs or women who want to promote their business to reach out to more people. They even feature stories of Mom Bloggers and Influencers with their wonderful motivational stories and also keeps a woman updated with the latest news and technology.

MommyWize: The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey.
MommyWize: The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey.

Conclusion: (The ultimate platform for all your motherhood and parenting journey)

Subscribe to their newsletter to get all the updates by visiting their website:

You can also follow them on various social media platforms:




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Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oil: Product Review

We all have been hearing about essentials oil and people are using it widely as they have seen many benefits of essentials oil. There are various types of essential oil and all have different uses and benefits. So first let us try to understand what are essential oils??

What are essential oil and how are they beneficial?

Essential oils are concentrated steam-distilled extracts of a plant or its part. These retain the natural odor or ‘essence’ of their source and are volatile in nature. they are often used in aromatherapy and in beauty cosmetics.

Essential oils are loaded with medicinal properties and they have been used for medical purposes for ages. Today people use essential oils for aromatherapy, skincare, and alternative healing practices, but mainly essential oils are beneficial in aromatherapy. Some of the most commonly used essential oils are tea tree, lavender lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary.

I often use tea tree and lavender essentials oil while making wipes solution, deodorant, cleaner, soap, shampoo, etc, and I have been using Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree and Lavender essentials oils for the past few weeks.

I am also using Vasu Facial Beauty Oil – With Kumkumadi Tailam for the past few months now and the results have been amazing. You can check out my review about this product here: Vasu Facial Beauty Oil – With Kumkumadi Tailam

Now let’s see what are the benefits of Tea Tree and Lavender Essential oil and how to use them.

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Melaleuca alternifolia is also known as the tea tree. Tea tree oil contains several compounds, including terpinene-4-ol, that have been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Tea Tree oil has immunity-boosting property, helps fight germs, and improves skin appearance. Tea Tree Oil reduces skin inflammation and dryness. It has muscle relaxant properties making it useful for massage and aromatherapy. Tea tree oil is used for acne, dandruff, lice, and bad breath.

Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oil: Product Review
Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree Essential Oil

Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree Essential Oil Uses And Benefits:

  • Immunity boosting property
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces skin inflammation and dryness
  • Help fight pimple-causing germs
  • Muscle relaxant properties
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • No side effect
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Helps to reduce dandruff

How To Use Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  • Bath: Enjoy a refreshing bath by adding a few drops to cold or lukewarm water for relaxing muscles
  • Massage: Add a few drops to a suitable carrier oil like Olive, Almond, or Coconut and massage gently to relieve headache and body pain.
  • Air freshener: Diffuse a few drops of Essential oil to uplift your spirit and get a happiness boost. Dilute with water and spray to freshen up a room.
  • Skincare: Adding a few drops of Tea tree oil to Cream or Lotion will help to reduce redness and itchiness of inflamed skin, ease sunburn, and treats acne
  • Hair Care: Add a few drops to your hair oil and massage as usual

Lavender Essential Oil:

Distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, eczema, nausea, menstrual cramps, allergies, depression, and insomnia.

Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oil: Product Review
Vasu Aromatics Lavender Essential Oil

Vasu Aromatics Lavender Essential Oil Uses And Benefits:

  • 100% Pure and Natural Oil
  • Helps to lighten Skin & Effective stress-reliever
  • Relaxes mind and promotes restful sleep & Relieves headache
  • Made In India
  • 40 Year of Excellence
  • Available in 40+ Countries

How To Use Vasu Aromatics Lavender Essential Oil?

  • Bath: Enjoy a refreshing bath by adding a few drops to cold or lukewarm water for a gentle, relaxing bath.
  • Massage: Add a few drops to a suitable carrier oil like Olive, Almond, or Coconut and massage gently to relieve headache and body pain.
  • Air Freshener: Diffuse a few drops of Essential oil to uplift your spirit and get a happiness boost. Dilute with water and spray to freshen up a room.
  • Hair Care: for treating dandruff add 15 drops of lavender essential oil with two tablespoons of olive or almond oil. Warm this mixture slightly and massage the oil onto your scalp. Leave it for an hour and wash your hair with shampoo.

Various brands of essential oils are available in the market but I chose Vasu Healthcare as I have already tried their other products and the results have been amazing. Go get one for yourself from the links mentioned below and don’t forget to drop in your comments about your experience or if you want to know more about essential oil.


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A One Day Trip to Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls

What happens when you decide to go on a trip with your best buddies? After I resigned from work and was done with my PGDBA exam, I decided to go to Banglore. I always loved Bangalore for its nice cool weather. My friends Aditi, Poulomi, Neelotpal who are from Banglore itself, and I decided to go for a day trip Hogenakkal Falls.


One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls
One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls


It was a sunny day in February. We started our journey at 7 in the morning from Bangalore. Our 1st stop was at a Udipi restaurant for the morning breakfast. After munching on some Idli Sambar we continued our journey again. We had hired an Indica Taxi. We all were very excited about this quickly planned trip. (Suddenly planned trip works rather than plans made in advance).


Beautiful road to Hogenakkal Falls
Beautiful road to Hogenakkal Falls


Hogennakal falls was 120 km from Bangalore and it will take us 3-4 hrs to reach. The road to Hogenakkal Falls is blessed with scenic beauty and really good roads. The best time to visit this place is during winters i.e from October to March, because of the pleasant weather.



At Hogenakkal Falls
At Hogenakkal Falls

We reached our destination at around 12.30 in the afternoon. Hogenakkal Falls is in the district of Dharmapuri in the state of Tamilnadu. It is also known as Niagara of India located at about 750 feet above sea level amidst the Melagiri hills. We got into one of the coracles. Coracles are local boats and are operated by the local people & it is the main source of income for these boat operators. The coracles are about 7ft 4 inches in diameter and can load 8 persons at a time. They are made of bamboo and all materials available. It takes about a day to build. The bottom of the boat is waterproof, made by the use of hides.



 Hogenakkal Falls
Hogenakkal Falls


The boat trip will take us 2 hrs as told by our boat operator. We are also accompanied by a taxi driver. He acted as a guide for us & a translator as the boat operator could not speak Hindi & we don’t understand Tamil. Riding in the coracles was an awesome experience. We had seen these boats only in movies.


One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls
At Hogenakkal Falls


Hogenakkal Falls is set in thick green woods & is considered both a sacred bathing place & spa-like health resort. Many small falls offer a spectacular sight. After moving further, we saw many local food joints. One must taste fish, made in one of the many kitchens, but the order has to be placed in advance.




One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls


One spectacular sight was that of various vendors, selling water & snacks up & down the gorge rowing their coracles. After placing our fish order, it was time for swimming & bathing around there.



One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls
One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls

After we were done with our boat ride, and our trip was about to come to an end, we decided to get a local head massage. The irony was that the boat operator himself volunteered to give us a head massage.



Fish Fry

It was an amazing experience & good memories to fall back on.


One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls

One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls
One day trip to Hogenakkal Falls








How to reach Hogenakkal Falls from Bangalore?

The 3 best ways to reach there are by Train, Bus, or by Road. But the fastest and best way to reach is by Road. One can hire a cab or take their own private vehicle. And if you plan to stay there check out few options here.

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5 Best organic baby food brands in India

Best Baby food Brands

Solids foods should be introduced to babies only after they complete 6 months of age. And providing a balanced meal is every parent’s concern. Babies should be given freshly cooked homemade food, but there will be days when it will be difficult to make everything from scratch, or you are too tired to make one. Store-bought organic baby food can be very helpful in such circumstances or when a mom has joined work again. It can be difficult to choose the right food as babies should be fed food that is free from chemicals and preservatives. And please remember they are not substitutes for meals every day.

As a new mom with no elders to advise me and looking after the house, I too struggle initially looking for the right nutritional food for my child.

Here I have listed the 5 best organic baby food brands in India that are made from organic produce and free from any preservatives.

Also, read when and how to start solid foods for babies?

5 best organic baby food brands in India 2021:

1) Earlyfoods: 5 Best organic baby food brands

Earlyfoods is founded by Shalini that envisions feeding fresh, natural, and chemical-free food for children. She came up with the idea of starting this brand as she couldn’t find too many healthy options for her child.

Read her story here to know about their premium range of organic food for moms, babies, and kids. Keeping in mind the daily nutritional need. They are fresh and completely chemical or preservative-free.

 Organic baby food brands in India
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2021

Here is the list of food they have for kids and babies under different categories:


Natural Sweeteners & Health Mixes:

Millet Cookies:




Teething sticks:


Teething Sticks



Also read: Teething in Babies: Symptoms and Remedies



2) MylittleMoppet: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2021

Founded by Dr.Hema, who is a medical doctor by profession, MylittleMoppet is a brand of wholesome and pure homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added sugar or salt, or any added flavors. They are 100% Organic, Natural, and Safe for your baby and toddler.


Let’s see what they have for babies and toddlers under different categories:

  • Organic Oatmeal
  • Banana Makhana Cereal
  • Organic Barley Cereal for Babies
  • Sprouted Ragi Banana Cereal
  • Banana Oats Cereal for Babies
  • Banana Wheat Cereal
  • Organic Brown Rice Cereal
  • Organic Rice Cereal
  • Quick Oats Cereal
  • Banana Rice Cereal
  • Banana Soya Cereal

Health Mixes:

Instant Mixes:

Instant mixes are great during travels. They are super easy to make. Just add hot water and close the lid for 5 minutes

  • Sprouted Ragi mix
  • Rice Khichdi Powder
  • Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder
  • Wheat Dalia Moongdal Mix
  • Ragi Moongdal Powder
  • Instant Bajra Moongdal Powder
  • Rice Khichdi (with Toor dal)
  • Soya Rice Porridge Powder


3) Bygrandma:Â

Bygrandma is another Indian brand that has organic baby foods and personal care products. Their products are free from any kind of preservatives. Apart from baby food they also have herbal baby bath powder, cold relief oil, health drink for toddlers, and mothers.


Baby food brands in India

For babies they have the following organic cereals and porridges:

  • Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix
  • Plain Rice Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Moong Dal and Rice Porridge Mix
  • Wheat and Roasted Gram Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Broken Wheat And Moong Dal Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat, Carrot with Almonds and Dates Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Ragi and Oats Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat and Apple with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Multigrain Mix with Walnuts For Brain Development
  • Health Porridge Mix – Wheat, Dates, and Almond For Grown-up and Adults


4) Slurrpfarm: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2021

Slurrpfarm is a well-known know popular certified baby food brand in India founded by two moms. They followed their heart and dug into recipes from Grandmother’s kitchens and with ingredients like Millets.

Organic baby food brands in IndiaIn baby cereals they have:

There other food items that are loved by kids are:

  • Millet Dosa


  • Â Millet Pancakes


5) Happa Foods


Happa foods are loved both by babies and moms for their vegetables and fruit purees. These puree pouches can be easily carried by parents wherever they go and without worrying about the nutrition intake.

Check out the different types of purees that they have here: Happa Foods


And for porridges click here: Happa Food Porridges


I have personally tried all the brands and can vouch for all the baby food brands mentioned above. Do drop a comment if you have any other brand that I have missed out on.

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Teething in Babies: Symptoms and Remedies

Teething in Babies: Symptoms and remedies

Teething in babies is another milestone both for the baby and for the parents. Teething can occur as early as 4 months to 24 months and it can be an irritating/discomfort feeling for some babies while some don’t show any signs at all. Many parents associate teething with fever and diarrhea, but researchers say these symptoms aren’t indications of teething. The two bottom front teeth are usually the first to appear, followed by the two top front teeth.

Some common symptoms of teething in babies:

  • Drooling
  • Crankiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Slight Temperature
  • Chewing on objects

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How to soothe a teething baby: Remedies for teething in babies

Teething is a natural process that every child goes through. Though I personally don`t recommend any ODC product, it is best to seek advice from your pediatrician. One can try the following tips to ease the irritability and discomfort of the child.

  • Massage the gums with your clean finger
  • Give a cold steel spoon to chew on
  • Teething toys
  • Teething sticks
  • Teething necklace
  • Cold foods like a chilled slice of cucumber, banana, carrot can be given if your baby is already eating solids but always remember to keep a watchful eye on them as this could be a choking hazard

And once your little one does cut a tooth or two, make sure to take good care to clean the area each day with a damp washcloth or soft bristle baby toothbrush. Continue with the habit of brushing otherwise they might not allow brushing their teeth once they are a little older (as it happened with my son). Check out a few soft-bristle baby toothbrushes from Amazon. Do drop in your comments about your teething experience with your little ones.